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I was lucky enough to have participated in some interesting filming activities.




Helicopter Associates on Falcon Field airport in Mesa, Arizona used to do most of the flying for the movie industry. I worked on the following projects.

  • Superman 3 (Filming done in 1982). The scene where the three baddies "fly" down to the bottom of the canyon with propeller driven balloons. They were actually hanging from an AS355E Twin-Squirrel flown by Marc Wolff.
  • Star Wars Episode VI (1982). The desert scene with the "floating" boat was shot in the dunes near Yuma. The movie's "code" name was "Blue Harvest", I still have the T-shirt somewhere.

They used two of their Lamas in the helicopter TV movie "Deadly Encounter" (1982), the movie is rather stupid but got some great flying stunts in it. I didn't participate, but I flew one of those Lama's (N62250).

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