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Film Shoot of the Rovos Rail

We followed the Rovos Rail train from Pretoria to Dar-Es-Salaam for an ARD production called "Traumzug durch Afrika".

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The camera mount fitted

After an hours worth of test flying we had to remove the mount as it seemed to conflict with the camera's image stabiliser.

I love cables... boy oh boy do I love cables!

Now this you would't have seen 15 years ago. The gentleman in front is the train manager, and... well South Africa is making progress!

Victoria Falls. Take one!

Victoria Falls. Take two... Hold still, I said!

Halt! This is a hold up!

Oh well, never mind!

Strange round cultivations in northern Zambia

Vodacom again... Mbeya, Tanzania.

Nobody had a pump... So, you improvise as best you can.

We got stuck in Mbeya for three days as the oncoming train had decided to jump of the tracks. Bugger.

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