Dream Flight
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The Route

In green are the ferry legs, totalling 2509 nm (4647 Km). In magenta is the actual filming track. As a planned straight route it was 4205 nm (7788 km), add the off the track to that. Start to finish it all happened between the 27/02 and the 22/03 2010, that was a lot of mileage, and 10 countries.

The night stops were as follows:

  1. Cape Town
  2. Simola
  3. Dungbeetle Lodge
  4. Hole-In-The-Wall
  5. Sani Pass
  6. Sun City (2 nights)
  7. Jack's Camp
  8. Moremi Crossing
  9. McBrides' Camp (2 nights)
  10. Thorn Tree Guest House
  11. Gitega Monastery (2 nights)
  12. Gorilla's Nest Lodge
  13. Jinja
  14. Mt. Kenya Safari Club
  15. Aero Club of East Africa
  16. Lamu Island (2 nights)


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All packed and ready to go. Departure in 5 minutes

On top of Lesotho chatting to the better half. Techology!

Smile you are on... who is filming who?

Can you spot the Bavarian in Botswana?

Jack's son being chatted up by some friends.

Very long necked horse

Honey! Listen carefuly...

It rained that evening. A lot!

Southern Burundi

The source of the White Nile. This spring near Gitega was surveyed to be the highest and furthest feeding into Lake Victoria.

A well armed monastry

A one legged sweaper. Not easy, you try it.

Can you spot the gorilla!

Mount Visoke. Dian Fossey's grave is to the left bellow.


How Big?

Incredible population density

Mount Kenya

On the slopes

Made it to the Equator

A fellow aviator...

Every square meter is used up.

Arrival at Lamu Island

Mmmm... I guess she is not a vegetarian.

Mysterious and unexplained

Lamu had an official German post office, a while ago.

Somalia is just up the coast, and who said that pirates don't have a sense of humour.

But, can she sing?

The "convinence" is very conveniently placed.

Confused? Me too...




No child has ever escaped...

Last night of the trip. Nice.


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