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Never worked in Botswana, but have done many ferry flights through that country.... Very very very flat!

The Dream Flight took me through Botswana. We spend a couple nights in various lodges.

For pictures go to the following page: Dream Flight

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Limpopo River. The border between South Africa and Botswana.

The Sowa Pan coming up, they only fill with water in the rain season.

People are actualy paying an icredible amount of money to stay in those places... Wild (and dusty) Africa....

Another camp...

Spot the two bull elephants in the shade...

Maun airport

Now that is not a call sign I would like to have...

This 182 is power by the Thielert Centurion kit... Pretty cool!

The southern edge of the Okawango swamps

The line between Botswana and Namibia


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