Sudan from October 2005 to May 2006

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King Air wing over the south of Sudan. Beautiful Green... Swamp! "Sud" in Arabic means "Swamp" and/or "Barrier".

Every square meter of land needs to be reclaimed from the swamps. Every road and other brownish patches are man made.

Exploratory drill rig

Tar Jath camp with the airport hangar in the background.

Bomb shelter with attendants..., an omnious reminder that a war was fought in this area recently.

A swamp "buggy", the pontoons float if need be. On top is the helicopter landing pad.

No. Not Everglades... South of Sudan.

Cute... Weird swamp vehicle. About the right size for a Hippo snack...

On the flight back to Khartoum... Hills! Whoa! So the whole of Sudan is not completely flat.

An Mi-26T at Khartoum airport. The biggest helo in the world. Just look at the people standing under the tail-rotor...

Say again callsign...?

I have no idea!

The 2nd exploratory drilling in the Dinder area.

Container's bedroom at the Dinder drill rig camp. All you need, including Arabic TV. But no Internet connection... Bummer.

Anybody got a spare?

Drill rig being broken down....

... and two weeks later up and running again 50 km away.

The lakes in front were created by excavating the soil neccesary to raise the Thar Jath main camp in the back

Big time construction

Power station that will power the whole Thar Jath areas wells and separation facilities.

A new oil well being connected to the extraction pipeline

Rhubkona airfield and the exploration camp.



... and more swamp. The reeds are tall enough to hide aduld elephant bulls.

Papyrus reeds are collected, dried and shipped up to Khartoum.

A fishing family. They build up a raft to live on, as it rots away they just add more reeds on top.

UN collecting drums?

Another white elephant... A clinic and school build in the middle of nowhere... Probably some dogooder's idea of help.

212 moving the portable recorder (1100 kg)

An unwilling passenger!

Smile everybody.

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