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Two years behind schedule I finally made it to Mali in 2009.

Because this country has two totally different types of environments due to the Niger River, I will split the pictures into two regions, namely North and South of Timbuktu or Tombouctou.

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Yep... This is it... Timbuktu! At least the airport...

... and this is the whole town!

Assedreme airport and seismic camp, 246 nm north of Timbuktu.

Custom made tent...

... because it's HOT

The camp's restaurant

Lunch is served

Taoudenne main seismic camp. Home sweet home... 357 nm (643 km) north of Timbuktu. Sahara...

Good morning... The only time to work. In another two hours it will be too hot.

Secondary camp

Biggest sandbox?


From one side of the continent to the other.

Welcome to the Sahara

And Yes... There are Camels around!

The Taoudenni salt mines

Anyone wants to volunteer to work there?


Welcome to Bamako

Eat your heart out!

Vast expanses...

Beautiful Vistas (not Microsoft)

Just Nice

Bush landing, and artisanal miners

Sept 2009. 350'000 people were displaced by the rains in west Africa.

A small stream became a raging torrent

Fresh bread delivery...

... fresh meat

... a matress. I don't believe there is anything that those mopeds don't carry.

Interesting sight at Bamako aiport. No idea what my compatriots where doing there.

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