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My first trip into Burkina was in December 2009 to the Banfora district for a quick survey of some mining concessions. Since then the survey has taken a more serious aspect, and we moved the bas of operation from Bamako to Bobo-Dioulasso.

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Rice paddies in the middle of the bush... Surprising!

IL-76 landed "slightly" short of the runway and rearanged its landing gear...

Vicious guard dog.

By the number of young people on the right..., someone is not following the advice on the board to "Wear a Condom".

The make a beautiful rhum in Banfora. Neat (left), mixed with Ginger (amazing flavour) and Tropical (right).

I had never realised before that I was actualy driving the most expensive desk in the world...

Double decker buses Burkina style.

They are still saving up for an SUV.

Check the passengers on the roof!

There seems

to be a competion

on in Burkina

Faso as to

who can overload

his vehicle the most!

The problem of having Mango trees everywhere is that there are more fruits than anyone can consume.

A low flighing collegue. They are doing magnetic survey of the area at no more than a 100 feet AGL.

The encircled piece of soil contains 79 grams of Gold per tonne, and no... you can't have the coordinates.

That's the stuff we are all after in its natural state.

Beware of stumps in the grass. For some unknown reason the farmers cut the trees at about a meter of the ground.

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