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I finally made it to Angola...

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Subsistance farming...

... as far as the eye can see.

Commercial farming is starting again.

Finally... hills, mountains...

Lubango airport

Mig vs Sikorsky S92... VIH is doing the flying for the upcoming election in 2009.

Stunning vistas (No... Not MS)

Benguela. The airport was closed for runway repairs, I was send to Catumbela further up along the coast.

Catumbela... and the Canadian invasion... S61s

The coast is dotted by ship graveyards

Another graveyard (sorry, a bit blurred)

The whole coast is lime stone...

Fantastic patterns.


Geologists should have fun here

And another graveyard. Six ships in a row, all of the same type. Weird.

A swamp with the typical round islands made of reeds.

Lunda and the main airport.

Poor... but everyone has a satellite TV

... every building looks the same.

Welcome to Luanda... and this is not even rush hour!

Aboard the flight back to SA. Humidity is so high it condenses...

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