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I have been approached by several concerned pilots to publish the following.

Link to the Video A Bell 407 Looped & Rolled at the Virginia air show in South Africa in 2004.
A picture taken over a year after the "incident", in June 2005

The aircraft is grounded indefinitely by the manufacturer.

It serves as a very expensive reminder of some pilot's stupidity.

Excerpt of the Bell 407 Flight Manual dealing with manoeuvring.

The same four words are mirrored in ALL civilian helicopters. NO exceptions.

The question that has never been answered is:

  • What other aircraft have those maneuvers been performed in?

This questions has left a very bitter taste in most pilots flying helicopters in, and from, South Africa.

PPrune has got a lively thread dealing with this issue.

I am not taking comments on this, I think the facts speak for themselves.

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