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  • The crew(s) should be able to communicate in the country of work. The four main official languages spoken in Africa are French (20), English (18), Arabic (12) and Portuguese (5).As secondary language 7 speak French and another 7 English. See Appendix 03 for their distribution.



  • For scheduled and non-scheduled maintenance clean hangar space must be provided.
  • The aircraft must be flown at least one (1) hour per week, this to keep the aircraft systems running properly and the pilot proficient.

Medical facilities

  • Suitable medical facilities must be made available immediately for a crew member should he/she become sick or injured.


Accommodation & Food

  • Suitable accommodation
  • Suitable food & drink
  • Special foods
    • Maize meal (Pap)
    • Chutneys
    • Sauces: Nando’s Peri-Peri, Worcester,

Crew Rest & Recreation

  • Sports facilities (Gym, Squash court, swimming pool, etc)
  • DSTV.
  • Books & Magazines.

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