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Ferry flights

  • Ferry flights to and from clients area of operation are paid in advance.


  • Payment is only considered made when the monies have positively cleared in the recipient bank account.
  • It is up to the client to organise his payments to reflect positively on the due date.
  • Requests of transfer, bank transfer documents, etc. will NOT be considered proof of payment.
  • The contract will be considered terminated if payment is not made on due date.

Extension of contract

  • An extension to the contract must be negotiated and agreed upon a calendar week/month before the end of the contract

Prohibited operations

  • No flights will be undertaken if one of the following conditions exists: Civil war, civil unrest, ..... etc.
  • Should any of those condition exist the pilots are under express instruction to immediately depart from such area and/or country.
  • No armed military, para-military or civilian person will be carried onboard an aircraft.
  • No weapons, explosive devices or war materials will be carried onboard an aircraft.
  • Bodyguards will clear and safety their weapon(s) in front of the pilot and surrender the ammunition to the pilot. It shall be returned to them on arrival.


  • The client is responsible to settle the operations accounts in a timely manner.
  • Crew accommodation
  • Aircraft ATC, landing and other applicable fees
  • Fuel bills
  • Communication bills

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