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AIDS = Aviation Induced Divorce Syndrome

Some deserve it..., some don't. But here goes...

AirBC = Scare BC
Air Canada = Air Chaos
Air France = Air Chance
    (The) Airplane Lands In Toronto And (the) Luggage In Australia
    Always Late In Taking-offs, Always Late In Arrivals
BOAC = Better On A Camel
BWIA = But Will It Arrive? (British West Indian Airways)
CAAC (Civil Aviation Administration of China) =
    China Air Always Cancelled
    China Air Always Crashed
    China Airways Always Crashes
CP Air (now Canadian Airlines International) = Cabbage Patch Airlines
Delta =
    Don't Even Leave The Airport
    Don't Even Let Them Aboard
    Doesn't Ever Land The Airplane
    Don't ever let terrorists aboard
    Don't Expect Luggage To Arrive
    Don't Expect Loved-ones To Arrive
    Don't Expect Luggage Today at All
Delta's Sky West = Scare West. . .
    Every Landing Always Late
    Exploded Luggage -- Airliner Lost!
Lufthansa =
    Let Us Fuck The Hostess And Not Say Anything
    Let Us Fuck The Hostess As No Steward Available
    Lousy Useless Fliers: They Haven't Any Navigational Systems Aboard
Northwest Orient = Northworst Disorient
    Please Inform Allah
    Pray I'll Arrive
PSA = Poor Sailors Airline
Pacific Western PWA = Please Wait Awhile (now Canadian Airlines International)
    Queenies And Nymphomaniac Transvestite Air Stewards
    Queers And Nymphos Trained As Staff
Sabena = Such A Bad Experience; Never Again!
SAHSA = Stay At Home, Stay Alive (Honduras's Official Airline)
TAP = Take Another Plane (Portuguese Official Airline)
    Try Walking Across
    Trembling Wings Airline
    The Worst Airline
    Teeny Weeeny Airline
    Travel With Amal
    Terrorists With AK-47
US AIR = Unquestionably Still Allegheny In Reality.
Varig = Virgins Always Refuse Intensive Groveling

SCUD = Some C**t's Unlucky Day

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